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E-RYT 500, Y4C Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
Lynda has been studying and practicing yoga for more than 16 years. Her journey started with a daily hatha yoga practice, until she found Kundalini Yoga.  She has been a dedicated practitioner of Kundalini Yoga ever since. When life turned her in a different direction in 2009, she decided it was time to pursue her passion and become a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. For two years Lynda traveled from Plattsburgh, NY to Memphis, TN one weekend per month, and graduated summa cum laude from Ravi Singh and Ana Brett's 500 Hour Teacher Training Program.  Ravi Singh studied with Yoga Bhajan, who first taught Kundalini Yoga in the U.S., and is an internationally recognized master of Kundalini Yoga.
Additionally, Lynda is certified to teach yoga for cancer classes, having completed a 45 hour training program with Tari Prinster, creator of the Y4C program.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Vermont.
Lynda also has participated in a seminar with the Veterans Yoga Project and is trauma informed to offer mindful resilience yoga classes to those that suffer from PTSD and related challenges.
Lynda is a gifted, knowledgeable, and a very creative teacher.  Her unique gift is to present these ancient and powerful teachings in a way that is relevant to our lives today, in a way that keeps them accessible and enjoyable, yet still profound and transformative.
Lynda tailors her classes to suit all types of individuals, regardless of age, ability, body type, flexibility, or physical health.  She enjoys applying her science background and knowledge of the human body to the ancient teachings of yoga.
RYT 200
Melissa's journey with yoga began in 2009 after receiving a new health diagnosis. She was searching for ways to cope with and manage stress, as well as regain her strength. She quickly learned that yoga was more than just a physical practice, as she began to notice changes on a much deeper level. Melissa decided to deepen her personal practice and received her yoga certification in July 2013 through Radiance Yoga Studio located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Melissa likes to explore fun sequencing and moving the body in different ways, using the physical practice of yoga as a movement in meditation. Classes vary week to week, depending on the focus or theme for the week, as well as, catering to what the students might need. Melissa invites her students to marinate within the breath and the pose - to really embody what is happening internally. She always encourages students to meet themselves where they’re at in the moment and to let go of any expectations. She enjoys using yoga props in class and offers modifications and/or stages to poses, so that students can explore what feels best in their bodies.

Melissa continues to attend workshops to deepen her practice, as she believes we are forever students of the practice. She has attended workshops/trainings with Shiva Rea, Matt Giordano, Justin Wolfer and Dice Iida Klein. She also has participated in a seminar with the Veterans Yoga Project and is trauma informed to offer mindful resilience yoga classes to those that suffer from PTSD and related challenges.

Melissa’s hope in sharing yoga with others is for them to discover their own inner light and to find the peace that’s deep within each and everyone of us, which in turn can be shared with the world.

RYT 200
Kim’s journey into the healing benefits of yoga began with a simple gesture at the end of a yoga class led by Libby Yokum; a soft lavender pillow placed on her forehead. It was the beginning of learning how to relax, be gentle, be present, and harness the unique ability to love ourselves completely.


Kim began studying and building an understanding of yoga after graduating from Plattsburgh State University with a BA in photography and ceramics. For the last 10 years she has studied alongside teachers and students at Funky Door Yoga, Laughing Lotus, ADK Yoga, Dharma Door Retreat Center and at Laughing River Yoga. In April of 2015 she completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Laughing River Yoga, where she studied along side Emily Garrett and Sofi Dillof. Kim feels that this training left no stone unturned and has given her the tools to help people connect and reconnect, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to life.


Kim brings a wide variety of experience to the practice of yoga. She has studied dance for 23 years at Langlois Racine Dance School and has a diverse background in dance including tap, jazz, and ballet. Alongside her love and study of movement, she also has a musical background including proficiency in piano, song, drum and percussion. Through the discipline of music and movement of the body, she has found confidence, experienced less physical pain, and discovered how to express herself fully in the world.


Kim continually trusts yoga’s ability to heal as it has helped her work through many situations in her own life. She is grateful to have the opportunity to share her knowledge, talents, and personal life experience with others through the practice of yoga.

KYT 200

Sarah has been practicing yoga for 20 years and her practice has helped her to be a better person off the mat. Although, this can be a daily struggle, yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully.

Sarah completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Kripalu Yoga empowers people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. She is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers shared with her.

In her classes, she will combine creative sequencing as well as provide the space for students to gain a better awareness of body, mind, and spirit. Her hope is that this transfers to your daily life in a positive way to deepen your practice both on and off the mat.

RYT 200

Emily began practicing yoga as a way to balance running. She appreciated the many compliments yoga provided to running: increased flexibility, strength and injury prevention, but as her practice became more regular yoga affected her on a deeper more emotional level. After her practice she just felt better, happier and healthier. Her practice soon became a daily mindful ritual. Through breath work and a sequence of postures Emily found peace and calm on her mat and the stresses of daily life became more manageable.

In 2015 Champlain Valley Family Center where Emily is employed , invested in her training to become a certified yoga instructor to implement and offer a prevention based yoga program to their clients. Yoga has been proven to be a very effective healing tool for those in recovery from addiction.

Emily earned her 200 hour teacher certification on May 2016 at Burlington Yoga under Piper Abbott/Candra Prabha. During her training with Piper and her many hours with BY instructors Emily’s passion for correct alignment, breath based movement and cultivation of body and mind awareness grew and her practice blossomed.

Emily is thrilled to share yoga with others. Whether she is teaching those in recovery from addiction, athletes, or anyone that is just searching for a way to de-stress and a quiet mind, her goal is for students to leave class feeling better than when they came physically, emotionally , and mentally..

“In order to realize the beauty of yoga in our lives, we must never forget that the prize is in the process”.
-Baron Baptiste

CYT 200
Michael has been practicing yoga since 2012 when life propelled him to seek a healthier and happier lifestyle. He started with Hatha Yoga and shortly after found Kundalini, which resonated deeply with him and has remained his primary practice ever since. From 2016-2017 Michael attended Ravi Singh & Ana Brett's 200 hour Teacher Training program, emerging as a certified Kundalini yoga teacher.

Through regular practice of Kundalini Yoga, Michael has experienced transformation, joy, health, insight, and inspiration. In his eyes, these are birthrights of every human being, and through this potent practice he hopes to give people the space to discover their own unlimited creative potential to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled in this life.

In addition to being a devoted yogi, Michael is a gifted musician and gardener.

CYT 200

Donna has been practicing yoga for over 6 years. She is an alumni and former coach for North Country Biggest Loser group. Her first Kundalini Yoga class was part of a winter solstice workshop that she attended and she has been hooked ever since. What really resonated with her from that first Kundalini Yoga class was that she felt very comfortable and accepted. She kept up with her Kundalini Yoga practice and experienced tremendous healing, both physically and spiritually. This experience inspired her to pursue Kundalini Yoga further and she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program at Trinity Yoga with Ravi Singh. It is Donna’s deep desire to share Kundalini Yoga with others so that they can learn what she learned through the practice…how to love themselves, how to discover the light that they already have inside. That any body can do yoga! Her focus is on body acceptance and building a positive body image for radical self love, health and happiness.

When Donna is not “Rocking her Practice” she loves to spend time with her husband, children and her two dogs.

CYT 200
Maureen has been a yoga practitioner since her early years. Her yoga journey began with her Grandmother who taught her yoga at the age of 10. She first learned sun salutations and shoulder stand as well as how to meditate. Maureen found that meditation helped to relieve childhood anxiety issues and helped her to sleep.
Maureen continued to explore yoga, dabbling in various styles and practices in her teens and early adult life. In her 30’s, Maureen turned toward a more spiritual practice with transcendental meditation. By her 40’s, she was facilitating a Buddhist meditation group with friends at the UU Church here in Plattsburgh, NY.
As her life continued to evolve she found that as she neared 50 her metabolism changed. It became necessary for her to turn to a more physical practice again. However, the gym and playing sports did not appeal to her, so she turned her focus back to yoga. No matter the types and styles she tried, nothing seemed like it would stick for her and be something she could incorporate daily into her life. Until she found Kundalini Yoga! She has been an avid practitioner ever since. Finding it to be a perfect balance between the physical practice her body needs, the spiritual practice that her spirit craves, and the meditation practice that she has enjoyed since she was 10.

Maureen recently graduated from the 200 hr. Yoga Alliance program at Trinity Yoga taught by Ravi Singh & Ana Brett. Four years after discovering Kundalini Yoga, she is excited to be a teacher of this amazing technology and share its myriad of benefits with others.

RYT 200
Noelle has been practicing yoga for about eight years. Yoga helped her through a particularly trying time in her life where she was told she would not regain her full mobility. After struggling with occupational therapy, a series of fortunate events brought yoga back into her life. With practice and patience, she not only regained her full mobility, but she noticed a change in my ideals and values. A light-heartedness and steadiness came with her practice and a feeling of love and healing she wished to share with others, in hopes she could help someone the way yoga and her instructor had helped her.

Noelle travelled to the mountains of Rollinsville, CO and sought out an ashram called Shoshoni. Shoshoni is one of three sister ashrams the others in Eldorado Canyon, CO and Konalani, HI. It is here where she got her 200 RYT in Shambhava yoga.
Shambhava Yoga is a blend of yogic philosophy, meditation, life skills and asana (physical poses). Asana is looked at in regards to anatomy and harm-reduction by utilizing safe alignment and utilization of props and modifications in postures.  
Since her 200-hr 21-day emersion she has gone back for two other trainings in Level 2 and Level 3 intermediate classes. She holds her trainings at the ashram sacred to her heart. She drank deep from the well and is eager to help others find their light.

As a holistic healer, it is in her nature to spread love and kindness. She truly believes that everyone, any shape or form, can benefit greatly from daily practice in yoga and meditation. To find peace in a world of chaos, yoga might just calm the masses. The true self is ready and waiting to be awakened.
CYT 200
Cathryn’s path to yoga began with an awareness of the evocative heartfelt qualities of music inspiring movement as a child, and she was blessed in her upbringing to learn about the spacious and timeless qualities of the natural world. Her search for connection to the heart and spirit of movement brought her to Tai Chi and Sufi sacred dance as a young mother along with various healing modalities.

Later she found the beauty and heart of middle eastern dance and studied with the dynamic and lovely Lala Hakim in her troupe for over 15 years. While still with Lala’s troupe she began a quest for a deeper link to expressing spirit through movement, studying with Gabrielle Roth (founder of 5Rhythms) and Daniel Levin (a founder of Kripalu DanceKiinetics). Cathryn completed her certification in Daniel’s Shake Your Soul version of Kripalu YogaDance in 2007, continued to study with him, and assisted with many trainings in the Berkshires and elsewhere 2007-2014 including several retreats in Mexico and Canada. Cathryn traveled to southern India in 2009, an extraordinary and life changing experience, studying Yoga and Ayurveda while also teaching dance (and other subjects) at an elementary school there.

In 2012 Ravi Singh and Ana Brett led a Kundalini Yoga workshop in Lake Placid which re-kindled her wish to deepen her knowledge of this joyful practice. She went on to complete the 2016-2017 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program with Ravi Singh at Trinity Yoga.

Cathryn also teaches Movement Study, a 3 credit survey and performance course, in the Theatre Department at SUNY Plattsburgh (since January 2010), guiding students as they learn to express themselves through collaboration, cooperation, and delving into the creative process, while studying the evolution of human movement through history, an enriching and rewarding process on many levels. Her other joys include family, gardening, and spending time in nature.

Deb’s love of yoga is based on the amazing gifts that a regular yoga practice offers. Her belief is that yoga uniquely prepares us for anything life throws at us. Making the connection between your mind, body, and soul is essential for maintaining personal balance. Starting a yoga routine early in life can have life changing benefits.

Deb has an extensive background working with children and her credentials are many. Deb holds a Master of Science Degree in Special Education, working as a Cognition Specialist for children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, and a Masters degree in Elementary Education. In addition to her clinical background, she also is a certified ChildLight Yoga instructor and completed her 200 hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training this February at Trinity Yoga.

Lili Just Simons

Lili brings more than 30 years of experience practicing Tai Chi and Qigong.

Lili was born in Denmark. Through her travels in South East Asia, in her early twenties, she was exposed to Tai Chi and Shiatsu. Upon returning to Denmark she started studying Tai Chi, Shiatsu and reflexology. She traveled to the US in the mid 80's to further her Shiatsu studies at the International School of Shiatsu. During her stay she became a student of Taoist Master Mantac Chia and later became a Healing Tao instructor in Tai Chi and Qigong. Over the years she has continued her studies in Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu and Life coaching.

Lili is the founder of Shi Ki, which is a healing practice that comes from the heart and works with the energy (chi), based on qigong principles and Chinese medicine. Balancing the meridians creating greater well being in body, mind and spirit.

Lili has been practicing and teaching classes over the years living in South Dakota, Chicago and Richmond VA. And most recently, has moved to the Plattsburgh region.

Lili teaches regularly at the Shiatsu School in Copenhagen.
Lili's Philosophy:
The body is a gateway to awareness and higher consciousness. Since our body is our teacher and guide in life, awakening to your inner body guidance is the major focus of her work. Knowing and paying attention to the information your body transfers to the mind will help you experience greater awareness in all areas of your life. There is no disconnection between your body and your mind. It is all one, and it is in the integration and awareness of the two that brings healing – being whole.
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