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Noelle Tedford

RYT 200
Noelle has been practicing yoga for about eight years. Yoga helped her through a particularly trying time in her life where she was told she would not regain her full mobility. After struggling with occupational therapy, a series of fortunate events brought yoga back into her life. With practice and patience, she not only regained her full mobility, but she noticed a change in my ideals and values. A light-heartedness and steadiness came with her practice and a feeling of love and healing she wished to share with others, in hopes she could help someone the way yoga and her instructor had helped her.

Noelle travelled to the mountains of Rollinsville, CO and sought out an ashram called Shoshoni. Shoshoni is one of three sister ashrams the others in Eldorado Canyon, CO and Konalani, HI. It is here where she got her 200 RYT in Shambhava yoga.
Shambhava Yoga is a blend of yogic philosophy, meditation, life skills and asana (physical poses). Asana is looked at in regards to anatomy and harm-reduction by utilizing safe alignment and utilization of props and modifications in postures.  
Since her 200-hr 21-day emersion she has gone back for two other trainings in Level 2 and Level 3 intermediate classes. She holds her trainings at the ashram sacred to her heart. She drank deep from the well and is eager to help others find their light.
Noelle is also a Yoga 4 Cancer certified instructor, having completed her 45 hour training with Tari Prinster in 2017.

As a holistic healer, it is in her nature to spread love and kindness. She truly believes that everyone, any shape or form, can benefit greatly from daily practice in yoga and meditation. To find peace in a world of chaos, yoga might just calm the masses. The true self is ready and waiting to be awakened.

Noelle Tedford instructs the following:
  • Flow Yoga
  • Flow yoga incorporates yoga basics with smooth, conscious, breath directed movements.  You will be skillfully guided in a flow from one pose to the next. The held postures are embodied with a moment to moment awareness of intelligent alignment. The breath, body and awareness become established in a deep, steady union. The movement between postures is a rhythmic transformation process. Through carefully balanced sequences, progressions and modifications, the practitioner becomes fully absorbed in a feeling of energized awareness.  Subtle channels open, and begin to flow freely with vital life force energy, and we recognize our experience as a reflection of the greater rhythms and flow of life and the universe.

  • Yoga 4 Cancer
  • A diagnosis of cancer brings many challenges.  Western medicine does a great job treating cancer, and more advances are made everyday.  However, often the missing link for cancer survivors is a long term wellness plan for survival.  Cancer treatments can often be the most debilitating physically and emotionally.  Yoga can help!
    This class is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors.  Class includes a combination of movement, relaxation, and breath techniques.  All are modified to be accessible through the various stages of cancer and cancer treatment.  Some of the benefits of yoga for cancer are:  reduced anxiety and depression, increased lymphatic flow, increased strength, flexibility and bone density, relaxation, and a community of others sharing the same needs and concerns.
    This class is open to cancer survivors currently undergoing treatment or post treatment, relatives/friends/caregivers, and cancer survivors who are currently in remission or cancer free.  No yoga experience is required.
    *If you have had recent surgery, it's recommended that you wait until incisions have healed and drains have been removed before attending class.
    *Since some participants may be immunocompromised, it is imperative that you do not attend class if you are ill (cold, flu, etc.).  This is good practice for any class, but especially critical advice to heed for this class.  We thank you in advance for your diligence to this request.

  • Hatha Flow
  • Awaken with this warming Hatha Flow practice. Energize, balance, and find new space and freedom. This class begins slowly with a focus on the breath and eases into dynamic movement and posture explorations. The focus is on connecting movement and breath to free the body and mind. Each class includes breath work, warm-ups, physical postures that flow with the breath, free movement, relaxation, and meditation.

    All levels of ability and experience are welcome.