22A Oak Street | Plattsburgh, NY 12901
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Maureen Marcellus

CYT 200
Maureen has been a yoga practitioner since her early years. Her yoga journey began with her Grandmother who taught her yoga at the age of 10. She first learned sun salutations and shoulder stand as well as how to meditate. Maureen found that meditation helped to relieve childhood anxiety issues and helped her to sleep.
Maureen continued to explore yoga, dabbling in various styles and practices in her teens and early adult life. In her 30’s, Maureen turned toward a more spiritual practice with transcendental meditation. By her 40’s, she was facilitating a Buddhist meditation group with friends at the UU Church here in Plattsburgh, NY.
As her life continued to evolve she found that as she neared 50 her metabolism changed. It became necessary for her to turn to a more physical practice again. However, the gym and playing sports did not appeal to her, so she turned her focus back to yoga. No matter the types and styles she tried, nothing seemed like it would stick for her and be something she could incorporate daily into her life. Until she found Kundalini Yoga! She has been an avid practitioner ever since. Finding it to be a perfect balance between the physical practice her body needs, the spiritual practice that her spirit craves, and the meditation practice that she has enjoyed since she was 10.

Maureen recently graduated from the 200 hr. Yoga Alliance program at Trinity Yoga taught by Ravi Singh & Ana Brett. Four years after discovering Kundalini Yoga, she is excited to be a teacher of this amazing technology and share its myriad of benefits with others.

Maureen Marcellus instructs the following:
  • Rise and Shine Yoga
  • Morning is the best time to practice as it sets the tone for the rest of your day.  It lifts you up, and in turn, will lift everyone else around you that you encounter throughout your day.  It will help you be less stressed at work, at home, or wherever your day takes you.  This practice is a one hour Kundalini Yoga practice designed to get your blood flowing, your energy moving, and brighten your aura.  When done in a group setting, the effects are magnified!
    This practice consists of asana (physical exercises), mantra (words of power), mudra (hand positions), meditation, and relaxation.