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Deborah Chandler-Vanherp

Deb’s love of yoga is based on the amazing gifts that a regular yoga practice offers. Her belief is that yoga uniquely prepares us for anything life throws at us. Making the connection between your mind, body, and soul is essential for maintaining personal balance. Starting a yoga routine early in life can have life changing benefits.

Deb has an extensive background working with children and her credentials are many. Deb holds a Master of Science Degree in Special Education, working as a Cognition Specialist for children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, and a Masters degree in Elementary Education. In addition to her clinical background, she also is a certified ChildLight Yoga instructor and completed her 200 hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training this February at Trinity Yoga.

Deborah Chandler-Vanherp instructs the following:
  • Yoga 4 Cancer
  • A diagnosis of cancer brings many challenges.  Western medicine does a great job treating cancer, and more advances are made everyday.  However, often the missing link for cancer survivors is a long term wellness plan for survival.  Cancer treatments can often be the most debilitating physically and emotionally.  Yoga can help!
    This class is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors.  Class includes a combination of movement, relaxation, and breath techniques.  All are modified to be accessible through the various stages of cancer and cancer treatment.  Some of the benefits of yoga for cancer are:  reduced anxiety and depression, increased lymphatic flow, increased strength, flexibility and bone density, relaxation, and a community of others sharing the same needs and concerns.
    This class is open to cancer survivors currently undergoing treatment or post treatment, relatives/friends/caregivers, and cancer survivors who are currently in remission or cancer free.  No yoga experience is required.
    *If you have had recent surgery, it's recommended that you wait until incisions have healed and drains have been removed before attending class.
    *Since some participants may be immunocompromised, it is imperative that you do not attend class if you are ill (cold, flu, etc.).  This is good practice for any class, but especially critical advice to heed for this class.  We thank you in advance for your diligence to this request.