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Emily Cole

RYT 200

Emily began practicing yoga as a way to balance running. She appreciated the many compliments yoga provided to running: increased flexibility, strength and injury prevention, but as her practice became more regular yoga affected her on a deeper more emotional level. After her practice she just felt better, happier and healthier. Her practice soon became a daily mindful ritual. Through breath work and a sequence of postures Emily found peace and calm on her mat and the stresses of daily life became more manageable.

In 2015 Champlain Valley Family Center where Emily is employed , invested in her training to become a certified yoga instructor to implement and offer a prevention based yoga program to their clients. Yoga has been proven to be a very effective healing tool for those in recovery from addiction.

Emily earned her 200 hour teacher certification on May 2016 at Burlington Yoga under Piper Abbott/Candra Prabha. During her training with Piper and her many hours with BY instructors Emily’s passion for correct alignment, breath based movement and cultivation of body and mind awareness grew and her practice blossomed.

Emily is thrilled to share yoga with others. Whether she is teaching those in recovery from addiction, athletes, or anyone that is just searching for a way to de-stress and a quiet mind, her goal is for students to leave class feeling better than when they came physically, emotionally , and mentally..

“In order to realize the beauty of yoga in our lives, we must never forget that the prize is in the process”.
-Baron Baptiste

Emily Cole instructs the following:
  • Warm Core Flow
  • Warm Core Flow
    (this class is heated to 80-85 degrees)


    This hour long class is appropriate for all levels with basic knowledge of yoga and is focused on building strength in your core.


    The ‘core’ refers to the back, front and sides of the torso as well as your emotional center.


    Strengthening and developing awareness of your core helps you to create a sense of liberation in your body, along with a powerful sense of self.


    You can expect poses specific to core and back strengthening, such as high and low plank, side planks, boat pose, back bends , and some arm balances such as crow and side crow!


    Vinyasa’s will be done in between sequences and we will use pranayama (breath work) to help connect in feeling with your body and soothe your emotional state.


    Come roll out your mat with me, Fire up your core, Focus your mind, Feel your inner strength and power!


  • Candlelight Vinyasa
  • Come relax and unwind with an evening of yoga. It flows like Vinyasa and soothes like restorative. It will tone your body, calm your mind, and sooth your spirit, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, glowing and ready for a peaceful sleep!  A great way to release stress from your week and ease gracefully into your weekend.  All levels welcome!